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A Microfabricated Planar Electrospray Array Ionic Liquid Ion Source With Integrated Extractor_ B Gassend et al_ 2009.pdf 1M17-Dec-2012 02:17
A Minimal Archtecture for Human Journeys to Mars_ Hoppy Price_ John Baker_ Firouz Naderi_ JPL 2015.pdf 1M02-Jul-2015 20:20
A Plasma Aerocapture and Entry System for Manned Missions and Planetary Deep Space Orbiters_ David Kirtley_ MSNW LLC_..> 5M23-Jul-2014 12:44
A Realistic Interstellar Explorer_ Ralph L McNutt_ 1999.pdf 442K03-Feb-2012 17:15
Active Debris Removal_ EDDE The Electrodynamic Debris Eliminator_ J Pearson_ IAC 2010.pdf 438K26-Apr-2014 22:50
An Exploratory Study of Ram Accelerator Principles_ A Hertzberg_ A P Bruckner_ D W Bogdanoff_ 1988.pdf 4M13-Mar-2012 06:15
An Intrinsic Way to Control E-Sail Spin_ arxiv14066847v1.pdf 290K17-Aug-2014 12:54
Apollo Lunar Astronauts Show Higher Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: Possible Deep Space Radiation Effects on the Va..> 952K29-Jul-2016 09:25
Are Black Hole Starships Possible_ arxiv09081803.pdf 184K11-Jun-2011 12:34
Atmospheric Re-Entry Vehicle Mechanics_ Patrick Gallais.pdf 9M12-Apr-2011 16:42
Beamed Core Antimatter Propulsion_ Engine Design and Optimization_ Ronan L Keane_ Wei-Ming Zhang_ arxiv12052281v1.pdf 394K16-May-2012 18:08
Big Deployables in Small Satellites_ Bruce L Davis_ William H Francis_ SSC14 2014.pdf 797K27-Mar-2016 10:12
Boltzmann electron PIC simulation of the E-sail effect_ P Janhunen_ arxiv151100518.pdf 930K06-Nov-2015 15:28
Coulomb Drag Devices_ Electric Solar Wind Sail Propulsion and Ionospheric Deorbiting_ arxiv14047430v2.pdf 4M06-Feb-2015 03:46
Coulomb drag devices_ electric solar wind sail propulsion and ionospheric deorbiting_ arxiv14047430v1.pdf 4M16-May-2014 21:24
Coupled Attitude-Orbit Dynamics and Control for an Electric Sail in a Heliocentric Transfer Mission_ Mingying Huo_ Ju..> 1M27-Jan-2016 11:00
CubeSat Propulsion Using Electrospray Thrusters_ T Roy_ V Hruby_ N Rosenblad_ P Rostler_ D Spence_ SSC09-II-6_ 2009.pdf 573K18-Nov-2014 19:30
CubeSat testing of Coulomb drag propulsion _ arxiv160408414.pdf 725K19-Jan-2017 04:19
Cubesat Testing of Coulomb Drag Propulsion_ arxiv160408414.pdf 725K29-Apr-2016 02:59
Debris Engine_ A Potential Thruster for Space Debris Removal_ Lei Lan_ Jingyang Li_ Hexi Baoyin_ arxiv151107246.pdf 2M01-Dec-2015 04:24
Deep Space Craft_ An Overview of Interplanetary Flight_ Dave Doody_ 2009.pdf 11M20-Nov-2012 14:07
Deep Space Flight and Communications_ Exploiting the Sun as a Gravitational Lens_ Claudio Maccone_ 2009.pdf 4M03-Dec-2010 19:09
Deployable membrane photon sieve for solar hydrogen alpha telescope in 3u cubesat_ FalconSAT07.pdf 515K13-Apr-2012 09:39
Design Concepts for a Manned Artificial Gravity Research Facility_ Joe Carroll_ IAC2010 revised_ 2014.pdf 325K01-Jun-2014 23:17
Design Concepts for a Manned Artificial Gravity Research Facility_ Slides_ Joe Carroll_ iac2010 revised_ 2014.pdf 746K01-Jun-2014 23:12
Development and Short-Range Testing of a 100 kW Side-Illuminated Millimeter-Wave Thermal Rocket_ Alexander Bruccoleri..> 607K19-Aug-2015 19:54
Development of MEMS based Electrical Propulsion_ B Sanders_ L van Vliet_ F T Nardini_ T-A Gronland_ P Rangsten_ H She..> 764K30-Mar-2012 19:05
Direct Energy Conversion Fission Reactor_ Annual Report Aug-Sep_ L C Brown_ 2001.pdf 483K17-Apr-2017 02:58
Drag Coefficient Variability at 175-500 km from Orbit Decay Analyses of Spheres_ B R Bowman_ K Moe.pdf 492K03-May-2014 12:43
Dusty Plasma Based Fission Fragment Nuclear Reactor_ Rodney A Clark_ Robert B Sheldon_ aiaa 2005.pdf 4M14-Apr-2012 10:49
Dusty Plasma Fission Fragment Rocket_ Fission-Fusion Neutron Source Progress Report July 31 2009_ G Chapline_ F Daffi..> 1M18-Apr-2012 06:33
E-Sail Demo Preliminary Design_ Micro E-Sail-TN1_ A Ruggiero_ I Andreani_ P Pergola_ 2011.pdf 2M09-Jan-2013 07:39
E-sail test payload of ESTCube-1 nanosatellite_ arxiv14046961v1.pdf 3M29-Apr-2014 14:51
EDDE_ Electrodynamic Debris Eliminator for Active Debris Removal_ conference_presentation.pdf 2M27-Feb-2011 02:26
EMMI_ Electric Solar Wind Sail Facilitated Manned Mars Initiative_ arxiv14091036.pdf 850K26-Feb-2015 20:24
ESAIL_ Electric SAIL propulsion technology_ Slides_ P Janhunen_ 2014.pdf 2M07-Apr-2015 23:26
Earth Mars Transfers with Ballistic Capture_ arxiv14108856v1.pdf 2M01-Jan-2015 11:14
Effects of Sex and Gender on Adaptation to Space_ Cardiovascular Alterations_ S H Platts_ C N B Merz_ Y Barr_ Qi Fu_ ..> 127K29-Nov-2016 09:12
Electric Sail Option for Cometary Rendezvous_ A A Quarta_ G Mengali_ P Janhunen_ 2015.pdf 607K27-Jan-2016 10:48
Electric Solar Wind Sail Mass Budget Model_ Pekka Janhunen_ Alessandro Quarta_ Giovanni Mengali_ 2012.pdf 384K01-Jun-2013 18:08
Electric sail, photonic sail and deorbiting applications of the freely guided photonic blade_ Pekka Janhunun_ arxiv13..> 367K16-Jan-2013 11:06
Electric solar wind sail applications overview_ arxiv14045815v1.pdf 592K25-Apr-2014 12:19
Electric solar wind sail optimal transit in the circular restricted three body problem_ A A Quarta_ G Aliasi_ G Menga..> 655K23-Jul-2015 09:55
Electrically controlled solid propellant_ US 20060011276 A1.pdf 2M23-Jul-2014 02:43
Electromagnetically Driven Fusion Propulsion_ Anthony Pancotti_ David Kirtley_ Geroge Votroubek_ IEPC 2013.pdf 2M15-Apr-2014 11:47
Escape Trajectories of Solar Sails and General Relativity_ arxiv09073336v1.pdf 56K09-Dec-2012 06:42
Extraction of antiparticles concentrated in planetary magnetic fields_ James Bickford_ 2007.pdf 5M18-Apr-2012 06:44
Fast E-sail Uranus entry probe mission_ Pekka Janhunen_ J-P Lebreton_ S Merikallio_ M Paton_ G Mengali_ A A Quarta_ 2..> 339K10-Jan-2014 05:40
Feasibility and Performance of the Microwave Thermal Rocket Launcher_ Keven L G Parkin_ Fred E C Culick_ 2004.pdf 3M24-Apr-2013 16:36
Feasibility of Capturing and Returning Small Near-Earth Asteroids_ John R Brophy et al_ IEPC-2011-277.pdf 371K28-Jun-2012 03:06
Fission Fragment Rocket Engine_ Werka_ 2012.pdf 2M14-Apr-2012 13:01
Heliopause Electrostatic Rapid Transit System_ HERTS_ Bruce M Wiegmann_ 2015.pdf 1M20-Jan-2016 00:36
High-Throughput Ionic Liquid Ion Sources Using Arrays of Microfabricated Electrospray Emitters With Intergrated Extra..> 4M17-Oct-2014 10:36
How Safe is Safe Enough_ Radiation Risk for a Human Mission to Mars_ F A Cucinotta_ M-H Y Kim_ L J Chappell_ J L Huff..> 1M12-Mar-2017 19:44
In-Space Operations_ Developing a Path to Afordable Evolutionary Space Exploration_ David L Akin_ SpaceOps2010inspace..> 2M06-Apr-2011 17:42
Inflatable Re-entry Vehicle Experiment_ IRVE-4_ Overview_ Daniel K Litton_ David M Bose_ F M Cheatwood_ S Hughes_ H S..> 4M10-Feb-2014 10:54
Influence of space charged particles on satellite optical communication system_ RUI HOU_ SHANGHONG ZHAO_ JIE XU_ JILI..> 305K25-Nov-2011 09:41
Introduction to Orbital Mechanics_ Franz T Geyling_ 1971.pdf 8M20-Nov-2012 13:41
Jacobi Dynamics_ 2nd Ed_ V I Ferronsky_ S A Denisik_ S V Ferronsky_ 2011.pdf 2M15-Jul-2011 06:12
Laser Space Communications_ David G Aviv_ 2006.pdf 4M20-Apr-2012 07:23
Low Earth Orbital Satellites for Personal Communication Networks_ Jamalipour Abbas_ 1997.pdf 1M20-Nov-2012 13:44
Low-thrust trajectories for human missions to Ceres_ Frank E Paipert_ James M Longuski_ J Acta Astro 2013.pdf 550K21-Dec-2014 09:42
Lunar Lander Orbiter CubeSats_ Vermont Technical College 2011.pdf 5M30-May-2013 12:10
Magnetoshells_ Plasma Aerocapture for Manned Missions and Planetary Deep Space Orbiters_ David Kirtley_ MSNW NIAC 201..> 3M12-Jun-2013 12:32
Mars Exploration Entry, Descent, and Landing Challanges_ Robert D Braun_ Robert M Manning.pdf 1M03-Feb-2014 22:40
Matter-Antimatter GeV Gamma Ray Laser Rocket Propulsion_ arxiv12010026v1.pdf 245K13-Apr-2012 06:37
Measurements of Energetic Particle Radiation in Transit to Mars on the Mars Science Laboratory_ C Zeitlin et al_ 2013..> 724K02-Jul-2014 17:20
Measurements of galactic cosmic ray shielding with the CRaTER instrument_ C Zeitlin et al_ Spaceweather 2013.pdf 1M18-Jun-2013 09:22
Mechanical Counter Pressure Space Suits_ Advances, Limitations, and Concepts for Martian Exploration_ James M A Waldi..> 944K02-May-2016 10:49
Microfabricated Electrospray Thrusters for a Modular Spacecraft Propulsion System_ Simon Dandavino_ EPFL Thesis_ 2014..> 99M12-Dec-2014 11:02
Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion M2P2_ High Speed Propulsion Sailing the Solar Wind_ R Winglee_ J Slough_ T Ziem..> 557K09-Oct-2014 04:28
Mini-magorion_ a pulsed nuclear rocket for crewed solar system exploration_ Ralph Ewig_ Dana Andrews_ 2003.pdf 807K28-Jul-2013 22:18
Mission Design Architecture for the Fusion Driven Rocket_ A P Pancotti_ J T Slough_ D E Kirtley_ M Pfaff_ C Pilh_ G V..> 680K17-Aug-2014 09:34
Mission and Implementation of an Affordable Lunar Return_ Paud D Spudis_ 2010.pdf 1M31-May-2011 04:34
Mission to the Gravitational Focus of the Sun_ A Critical Analysis_ arxiv160406351v1.pdf 2M22-Apr-2016 22:16
Moving an asteroid with electric solar wind sail_ S Merikallio_ P Janhunen_ astra 2010.pdf 7M21-Apr-2012 01:44
NanoTHOR_ Low-Cost Launch of Nanosatellites to Deep Space_ R Hoyt_ J Slosad_ G Jimmerson_ J St Luise_ 2012.pdf 12M03-Jul-2014 02:07
Nuclear Propulsion for a Manned Mission to Mars_ Fission Fragment_ Robert Sheldon_ Rod Clark_ 2010.pdf 2M25-Sep-2013 16:22
Orbital Debris_ A Technical Assessment_ NASA-CR-198639_ 1995.pdf 9M25-Feb-2015 19:26
Orbital Maneuvering with Spinning Electrodynamic Tethers.pdf 279K27-Feb-2011 02:32
Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students_ 2nd Ed_ HowardCurtis_ 2009.pdf 5M20-Nov-2012 13:46
Orbital Space Settlement Radiation Shielding_ Al Globus_ 2014.pdf 939K18-Sep-2014 01:31
Overview of the Electrodynamic Delivery Express_ edde_2003.pdf 664K27-Feb-2011 02:32
Partial Rocket Reuse Using Mid-Air Recovery_ M Gravlee_ B Kutter_ F Zegler_ B Mosley_ R A Haggard_ AIAA 2008.pdf 952K22-Apr-2015 06:52
Photonic spin control for solar wind electric sail_ arxiv12033362.pdf 369K17-Jan-2013 02:37
Post-ISS Human Operations in Free Space_ Scenarios for Future Exploration Beyond LEO_ Harley Thronson_ 2009.pdf 14M03-Jan-2015 05:34
Propulsion Technology Assessment_ Science and Enabling Technologies to Explore the Interstellar Medium_ R Hopkins_ H ..> 1M20-Jan-2016 00:37
Ram Accelerator as an Impulsive Space Launcher_ Assessment of Technical Risks_ ISDC 2007.pdf 761K13-Mar-2012 06:28
Rocket Propulsion Elements_ 7th Ed_ George P Sutton_ Oscar Biblarz_ 2001.pdf 12M10-Jun-2014 18:03
Roundtrip Interstellar Travel Using Laser-Pushed Lightsails_ Robert L Forward_ 1984.pdf 166K13-Apr-2016 15:23
Safety criteria for flying E-sail through solar eclipse_ P Janhunen_ P Toivanen_ arxiv150204557v1.pdf 418K19-Feb-2015 13:29
Sailcraft Trajectory Options for the Interstellar Probe_ Mathematical Theory and Numerical Results_ Chapt4_ Giovanni ..> 836K25-May-2014 00:58
Scouting the spectrum for interstellar travellers_ arxiv12033980.pdf 146K28-Mar-2012 00:21
Sea Dragon Concept_ Volume 1 Summary_ Aerojet-General Corp_ 1963.pdf 8M02-Feb-2015 17:10
Sea Dragon Concept_ Volume 3_ Aerojet-General Corp_ 1963.pdf 11M02-Feb-2015 17:13
Solar Sails_ A Novel Approach to Interplanetary Travel_ Giovanni Vulpetti_ Les Johnson_ Gregory L Matloff_ 2008.pdf 6M09-Dec-2012 03:08
Space Molten Salt Reactor Design Considerations and Research Needs_ M Eades_ J Flanders_ T Blue_ X Sun_ 2012.pdf 416K13-May-2013 08:25
SpaceX Mars Colonization Rocket Architecture_ 2016.pdf 41M28-Sep-2016 03:56
SpinSat Mission Overview_ A Nicholas_ T Finne_ I Galysh_ A Mai_ J Yen_ W Sawka_ J Ransdell_ S Williams_ NRL DSSP 2013..> 446K23-Jul-2014 02:12
Starship Sails Propelled by Cost-Optimized Directed Energy_ arxiv11123016v2.pdf 2M15-Jan-2013 11:02
Sun-Earth L1 Region Halo-to-Halo Orbit and Halo-to-Lissajous Orbit Transfers_ Craig E Roberts_ 2004.pdf 378K03-Jan-2015 05:36
TI tether rig for solving secular spinrate change problem of electric sail_ arxiv160305563.pdf 2M19-Jan-2017 04:20
The ElectroDynamic Delivery Experiment_ J Pearson_ E Levin_ J Oldson_ J Carroll_ Unknown 2000s.pdf 295K26-Apr-2014 22:50
The Microwave Thermal Thruster Concept_ Kevin LG Parkin_ Leo D DiDomenico_ Fred EC Culick_ AIP 2004.pdf 875K02-May-2016 01:08
The interaction of a flowing plasma with a dipole magnetic field_ measurements and modelling of a diamagnetic cavity ..> 316K22-Jan-2014 20:13
Theory and Experimental Evaluation of Electrodynamic Tether Systems and Related Technologies_ Keith R P Fuhrhop_ 2007..> 7M06-May-2014 13:10
Thrust vectoring of an electric solar wind sail with a realistic sail shape_ P Toivanen_ P Janhunen_ j actaastro 2016..> 1M19-Jan-2017 04:21
Ultra-Thin Solar Sails for Interstellar Travel_ Dean Spieth_ Robert Zubrin_ Cindy Christensen_ 1999.pdf 588K17-Jan-2013 08:40
Utilization of H-reversal Trajectory of Solar Sail for Asteroid Deflection_ Shengping Gong_ Junfeng Li_ Xiangyuan Zen..> 175K21-Aug-2011 06:58
WRANGLER_ Capture and De-Spin of Asteroids and Space Debris_ R Hoyt_ K James_ J Slostad_ T Moser_ 2015.pdf 8M19-Aug-2016 06:03
Water Walls Architecture_ For Long Duration Exploration Missions_ Marc M Cohen_ Michael T Flynn_ Renee L Matossian_ G..> 825K07-Aug-2012 04:47