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A Budget-Conscious Radio Telescope for 21cm_ Marcus Leech_ 2013.doc 118K21-May-2013 01:01
A Micheleson-Type Radio Interferometer for University Education_ arxiv160106161v1.pdf 5M26-Jan-2016 09:19
A method for detecting active solar regions at 12 Ghz_ Alan E E Rogers_ VSRT_ 2007.pdf 2M21-Feb-2013 19:11
A michelson-type radio interferometer for university education_ arxiv160106161.pdf 5M01-Nov-2017 05:36
All Transients All The Time_ Real-Time Radio Transient Detection with Interferometric Closure Quantities_ arxiv111203..> 1M14-Feb-2015 08:24
All-Sky Interferometry with Spherical Harmonic Transit Telescopes_ J R Shaw_ K Sigurdson_ U-L Pen_ A Stebbins_ M Sitw..> 2M27-Feb-2017 15:23
All-Sky Interferometry with Spherical Harmonic Transit Telescopes_ arxiv13020327.pdf 3M23-Feb-2017 11:46
Amateur Radio Astronomy_ John Fielding_ 2006.pdf 102M04-Jul-2011 20:26
Antenna Calibration Using the 10.7cm Solar Flux_ Ken Tapping.pdf 5M29-Oct-2014 00:27
Astronomical Polarimetry_ Jaap Tinbergen_ 2005.pdf 6M04-Jul-2011 20:39
Astrophysics_ Part C_ Radio Observations_ M L Meeks_ 1976.djvu 3M04-Jul-2011 20:27
Avenger PLL321S-2_ Ku 10 Ghz LNBF_ DMS International_ 2011.pdf 340K24-Feb-2013 23:49
Basics of Radio Astronomy for the Goldstone-Apple Valley Radio Telescope.pdf 1M23-Jul-2011 09:23
Calculating the Gain of Parabolic Antenna_ C Monstein_ 2002.pdf 66K19-Feb-2013 10:16
Catalog of dynamic electromagnetic spectra observed with Callisto_ Christian Monstein_ 2011.pdf 2M12-Feb-2013 08:51
Correlated oscillations due to similar multi-path effects seen in two widely separated radio telescopes_ arxiv1405152..> 2M08-May-2014 22:17
Design Chart for Geodesic Parabola Antenna_ Yoshiyuki Takeyasu JA6XKQ_ 2005.pdf 404K24-Sep-2014 02:59
Detectors for the Cosmic Microwave Background_ at the Frontier of Cosmology and in the Classroom_ John Kovac_ 2012.pdf 5M21-Jan-2016 23:39
Development of a Low Cost Spectrometer for Small Radio Telescope SRT, Very Small Radio Telescope VSRT, and Ozone Spec..> 2M16-Sep-2013 19:43
Development of a solar imaging array of Very Small Radio Telescopes_ VSRT Interferometer_ Ted Tsiligaridis_ 2007.pdf 2M25-Feb-2013 03:41
DiSEqC for Technicians_ Klaus Muller.pdf 614K18-Jun-2013 03:24
Diseqc Bus Functional Specification_ EUTELSAT_ 1998.pdf 222K17-Sep-2014 18:33
Diseqc Positioner Application Note_ EUTELSAT_ 1998.pdf 256K17-Sep-2014 18:34
Efficiency and sensitivity definitions for reflector antennas in radio-astronomy_ Wim van Cappellen_ 2007.pdf 1M10-Apr-2013 02:11
Everyday Radio Telescope_ arxiv160102982v1.pdf 1M13-Jan-2016 02:59
Experiments with a Software Defined Radio Telescope_ David Morgan_ 2011.pdf 2M12-Feb-2013 08:20
Exploring some Limitations in Amateur Radio Astronomy_ David Morgan_ 2014.pdf 5M19-Dec-2014 17:15
Extraterrestrial-Radio-Sources_Brightnesss-TemperatureK_vs_Frequency-GHz.png 82K20-Feb-2013 11:35
Fine Structure of Solar Radio Bursts_ Gennady P Chernov_ 2011.pdf 13M11-Jul-2011 05:38
FluxDensity_vs_Frequency_solar-radio-events.png 319K23-Dec-2012 22:21
Forward-Scatter Meteor Detection using Gnu Radio + RTL-SDR devices_ Marcus Leech_ 2012.pdf 454K11-Sep-2012 03:33
Galactic-Noise_vs_Atmospheric-Window_vs_Quantum-Noise.png 55K21-Feb-2013 12:01
Gyrosynchrotron Emission from Anisotropic Electron Distributions_ G D Fleishman_ V F Melnikov_ 2002.pdf 956K06-Mar-2013 01:07
High Spectral Resolution Observation of Decimetric Radio Spikes Emitted by Solar Flares_ First Results of the Phoenix..> 469K09-May-2013 01:58
How to determine antenna temperature in solar radio astronomy_ C Monstein_ 2002.pdf 82K19-Feb-2013 09:12
Hydrogen Line Receiver using FunCube or RTL2832U USB Dongles_ Peter East_ 2013.pdf 301K10-Jul-2014 01:39
Imaging with Amplitude and Intensity Interferometers_ Frank S Rotondo_ ADA426395_ 2004.pdf 305K14-Sep-2017 14:52
Important Celestial Radio Sources_ Whitham D Reeve.pdf 2M12-Feb-2013 08:03
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy_ 3rd Ed_ A Thompson et al_ 2017.pdf 19M20-Oct-2017 17:49
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy_ A Richard Thompson_ James M Moran_ George W Jr Swenson_ 2001.djvu 8M04-Jul-2011 20:20
Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy_ A Thompson et al_ 2004.pdf 37M21-Jun-2013 22:33
LSS NenuFAR_ The LOFAR Super Station Project in Nancay_ P Zarka_ J N Girard_ M Tagger- L Denis_ LSS Team_ SF2A 2012.pdf 4M21-Nov-2014 11:32
Low Cost Hydrogen Line Radio Telescope using the RTL SDR - Phase 2_ Y1PWE_ PW East 2014.pdf 324K17-Jul-2014 22:50
Low frequency 50 MHz wide bandwith interferometry_ David L N5OIQ_ 2014.pdf 1M07-Dec-2014 22:56
Observational Results with a Ku-band Interferometer_ Evgeny Ulanov_ Horst Thum_ Noah Schneiders.pdf 749K11-Apr-2015 18:26
PHOENIX-2_ A New Broadband Spectrometer for Decimetric and Microwave Radio Bursts_ Peter Messmer_ Arnold O Benz_ Chri..> 586K15-Mar-2013 11:13
Phase Stability Measurements versus Temperature for Several Coaxial Cable Types_ Roger D Norrod_ NRAO 2003.pdf 36K26-Apr-2017 17:17
Phases in Interferometry_ John D Monnier_ 2006.pdf 4M22-Jun-2013 01:24
RFI Survey at the Rapid Prototype Array_ ATA memo 26_ G R Harp_ R F Ackermann_ 2001.pdf 275K17-Jul-2013 12:49
RTLSDR-based, Software Defined Radio Alternative to Switched Radiometers for Continuum Radio Astronomy_ Ken Tapping_ ..> 583K24-Oct-2014 02:23
Radio Astronomy Experiments at 4 GHz_ Ken Tapping.pdf 1M15-Feb-2013 05:14
Radio Astronomy_ Roger C Jennison_ 1966.pdf 4M25-Apr-2013 18:15
Radio Continuum_ Cosmic Rays and Magnetic Fields_ Rainer Beck_ MPIfR_ 2010.pdf 9M14-Sep-2011 04:38
Radio Exploration of the Planetary System_ Alex D Smith_ Thomas D Carr_ 1964.pdf 4M28-Apr-2013 08:22
Radio Exploration of the Sun_ Alex G Smith_ 1967.pdf 4M25-Apr-2013 18:13
Radio Recombination Lines_ Their Physics and Astronomical Applications_ M A Gordon_ R L Sorochenko_ 2009.pdf 4M04-Jul-2011 20:16
Radio detection of cosmic ray air showers in the digital era_ arxiv160107426.pdf 22M29-Jan-2016 10:33
RadioAstron_ A Telescope With A Size Of 300000 KM_ Main Parameters and First Observational Results_ arxiv13035013v1.pdf 7M23-Mar-2013 10:57
RadioAstron_ A Telescope with a Size of 300 000 km_ Lots of dudes_ 2013.pdf 2M15-Sep-2013 16:26
Radiometry in Modern Scientific Experiments_ A M Pravilov_ 2011.pdf 2M03-Nov-2011 06:13
Raw DiSEqC 1.2 commands_ BGonaSTICK.txt 796716-Jun-2013 08:41
SDR equivalents to analog functions in a small-scale radio telescope_ Marcus Leech.pdf 101K25-Apr-2012 23:51
Sign ambiguity in the closure phase_ VSRT Interferometer_ Alan E E Rogers_ 2006.pdf 38K21-Feb-2013 19:18
Simple radio telescope for listening to Sun.pdf 4M18-Aug-2015 02:18
Simple set-up to observe fringes on the Sun and measure the solar diameter_ VSRT Interferometer_ Alan E E Rogers_ P A..> 205K21-Feb-2013 19:48
Simulations of a Ratiometric Switching Radiometer for Radio Astronomy_ Marcus Leech_ VE3MDL.doc 32K03-Sep-2012 05:45
SkyNoise-Freq-vs-Temp.png 136K23-Dec-2014 02:11
Solar Brightness Temperature and Corresponding Antenna Noise Temperature at Microwave Frequencies_ Christian Ho_ Step..> 953K19-Feb-2013 09:04
Solar Radio Emission_ W R Barron_ W E Cliver_ J P Cronin_ D A Guidice_ Chptr11.pdf 1M18-Aug-2015 01:31
Solar and Space Weather Radiophysics_ Current Status and Future Developments_ Dale E Gary_ Christoph U Keller_ 2004.pdf 10M12-Oct-2011 08:35
Solar radioastronomy with the LOFAR radio telescope_ S M White_ N E Kassim_ W C Erickson.pdf 135K07-Jun-2012 18:31
The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life_ A Wideband Data Recorder System for the Robert C Byrd Green Bank..> 7M28-Jul-2017 19:11
The Development of Michelson and Intensity Long Baseline Interferometry_ R Hanbury Brown.pdf 2M01-May-2014 10:35
The Early Years of Radio Astronomy_ Reflections Fifty Years after Janskys Discovery_ W T Sullivan_ 2005.pdf 63M04-Jul-2011 20:23
The Fast Fourier Transform Telescope_ M Tegmark_ M Zaldarriaga_ arxiv08054414v2.pdf 681K27-Nov-2013 03:16
The Invisible Universe_ The Story of Radio Astronomy_ Gerrit Verschuur_ 2006.pdf 3M04-Jul-2011 20:22
The Paraboloidal Reflector Antenna in Radio Astronomy and Communication_ Theory and Practice_ Jacob W M Baars_ 2007.pdf 6M04-Jul-2011 20:15
The Radio Continuum Structure of Centarus A at 1.4 GHz_ arxiv11040077v2.pdf 4M21-Oct-2013 03:23
The Radio Sky and How to Observe It_ Jeff Lashley_ 2010.pdf 11M04-Jul-2011 20:24
The SETI Episode in the 1967 Discovery of Pulsars_ arxiv13020641v1.pdf 108K15-Feb-2013 02:16
The Square Kilometre Array_ An Engineering Perspective_ Peter J Hall_ 2005.pdf 6M04-Jul-2011 20:42
The single baseline LNBF interferometer_ VSRT Interferometer_ Alan E E Rogers_ 2008.pdf 60K21-Feb-2013 20:21
Thermal Design and Thermal Behaviour of Radio Telescopes and their Enclosures_ Albert Greve_ Michael Bremer_ 2010.pdf 38M02-Jul-2012 15:07
Time-scale-of-solar-effects-at-1AU.png 50K04-Mar-2013 00:29
Time_vs_Frequency_vs_Height_solar-radio-events.png 98K27-Oct-2011 12:14
To See the Unseen_ A History of Planetary Radar Astronomy_ Andrew J Butrica_ 1996.pdf 32M04-Jul-2011 20:35
Tools of Radio Astronomy_ 5th Ed_ Thomas L Wilson_ Kristen Rohlfs_ Susanne Huttemeister_ 2008.pdf 4M04-Jul-2011 20:19
TypeIV_80Mhz_radioevent.png 81K27-Oct-2011 12:13
Undergraduate Laboratory Experiments in Ku-Band Radio Astronomy_ A Very Small Radio Telescope Interferometer_ Tamke-A..> 1M13-Jun-2013 11:46
Using kurtosis to identify RFI in complex visibility data.pdf 857K11-Sep-2015 16:43
Very Small Radio Telescope VSRT Introduction_ Sat LNB Interferometer_ Martina B Arndt_ 2009.pdf 775K20-Feb-2013 21:33
height-above-solar-photosphere_vs_radio-frequency-1-to-10000GHz.png 123K27-Feb-2013 15:23
height-above-solar-photosphere_vs_radio-frequency_with_emission-mechanisms.png 199K25-Feb-2013 04:03
intensity-interferometry.pdf 2M16-Jun-2013 23:36
radio sources.jpg 58K27-May-2013 06:29
solar-disk_relative-brightness_vs_solar-radii.png 42K17-Feb-2013 02:05
solar-radio-emission_mechanism-vs-wavelength.png 91K12-Dec-2016 06:57