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A Novel Compact Pyroelectric X-ray and Neutron Source_ Y Danon_ DOE-NEER-DE-FG07-04ID14596.pdf 4M08-Feb-2011 13:13
A Pyroelectric Crystal Particle Accelerator_ A Gehring_ R Watson.ppt 9M12-Jul-2011 06:39
A Study of TGS Crystal Growth by Solution Technique_ R B Lal_ 1979.pdf 3M13-Jul-2011 16:03
Applications of pyroelectric particle accelerators_ Geuther Danon_ 2007.pdf 163K08-Feb-2011 14:09
Catalitically Induced D-D Fusion in Ferroelectrics_ V D Dougar Jabon_ G V Fedorovich_ N V Samsonenko_ 1997.pdf 185K09-Jul-2011 03:21
Continuous Emission of X-rays by Thermal Excitation of Six LiTaO3 Single Crystals_ Hiroyuki Honda_ Shinji Fukao_ Yang..> 736K11-Oct-2011 13:22
Copious electron emission from triglycine sufate ferroelectric crystals_ V D Kugel_ G Rosenman_ D Shur_ J_Appl_Phys_7..> 653K13-Jul-2011 15:06
Crystal Driven Neutron Source_ A New Paradigm for Miniature Neutron Sources_ Tang_ 364209.pdf 2M08-Feb-2011 13:46
D-D Nuclear Fusion Using Different Size Pyroelectric Crystals_ Kovanen Gillich Fullem Danon_ 2009.pdf 361K08-Feb-2011 14:01
Deuterated target comparison for pyroelectric crystal D-D nuclear fusion experiments.pdf 994K08-Feb-2011 13:58
Deuterium Ionization For Pyroelectric Crystal Accelerators.pdf 45K09-Jul-2011 00:36
Development of a pyroelectric neutron source_ J Geuther_ Y Danon_ ANS-Transactions-vol-93-2005.pdf 44K09-Jul-2011 00:52
Development of pyroelectric neutron source for calibration of neutrino and dark matter detectors_ Chepurnov et al_ 20..> 671K02-Oct-2017 23:34
Domed Pyroelectric Neutron Source_ UC Berkeley talk 03_30_09 VTang V 11.pdf 3M08-Feb-2011 13:40
Effect of amino acid doping on the dielectric properties of triglycine sulfate TGS crystals_ june11joseph-19_ 2011.pdf 267K13-Jul-2011 16:40
Electron Acceleration for X-ray Production Using Paired Pyroelectric Crystals.pdf 293K08-Feb-2011 14:14
Electron Beam Generation and Injection from a Pyroelectric Crystal Array_ R B Yoder_ Z Kabilova_ B Saeks_ 2016.pdf 301K02-Sep-2017 10:47
Electron Beam Production by Pyroelectric Crystals_ Brownridge Shafroth_ arxiv0209079.pdf 152K08-Feb-2011 13:23
Electron and Positive Ion Beams and X-rays Produced by Heated and Cooled Pyroelectric Crystals such as LiNbO3 and LiT..> 935K09-Jul-2011 00:42
Electron and positive ion acceleration with pyroelectric crystals_ Geuther Danon_ accel_crystals_japhys_05.pdf 108K08-Feb-2011 13:34
Electrostatics of pyroelectric accelerators_ Fullem Danon_ JApPhys2009.pdf 173K08-Feb-2011 13:52
Energy Distribution of Electron Emissions from l-Alanine Doped TGS Single Crystals_ K Biedrzycki_ 2001.pdf 118K13-Jul-2011 15:54
Enhanced Pyroelectric crystal D-D nuclear fusion using tungsten nanorods_ NanoToday.pdf 1M08-Feb-2011 14:02
Enhanced neutron production from pyroelectric fusion_ J A Geuther_ Y Danon_ 2007_ ApplPhysLett_90_174103.pdf 62K09-Jul-2011 00:09
Enhanced pyroelectric crystal DD nuclear fusion using tungsten nanorods_ Y Danon et al_ 2009.pdf 1M09-Jul-2011 01:29
Enhancement of Voltage Ion current and Neutron Yield in Pyroelectric Accelerators_ V Sandomirsky_ A V Butenko_ Y Schl..> 95K09-Jul-2011 01:15
Enhancement of Voltage Ion current and Neutron Yield in Pyroelectric Accelerators_ arxiv09040329.pdf 95K08-Feb-2011 13:28
Ferroelectric ceramics in a pyroelectric accelerator_ A V Shchagin_ V S Miroshnik_ V I Volkov_ A N Oleinik_ 2015.pdf 924K02-Sep-2017 11:00
Focused Ion Beam Production Using a Pyroelectric Crystal and a Resistive Glass Tube_ Fullem Kovanen Gillich Danon_ 20..> 524K08-Feb-2011 13:59
Generation of DD-Reactions in a Ferroelectric KD2PO4 Single Crystal During Transition Through Curie Point Tc= 220 K_ ..> 146K09-Jul-2011 01:17
Growth of TGS crystals using uniaxially solution-crystallization method of Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy_ G Bhagavannaray..> 218K13-Jul-2011 22:40
HIgh Energy and High Intensity Electron and X-Ray Beams by Pyroelectric Effect_ Matthew Hockley_ Thesis 2012.pdf 7M02-Sep-2017 10:01
Heat Capacity in Magnetic and Electric Fields Near the Ferroelectric Transition in Tri-Glycine Sulfate_ arxiv0701061.pdf 167K08-Feb-2011 13:29
Heat Capacity in Magnetic and Electric Fields Near the Ferroelectric Transition in TriGlycine Sulfate_ arxiv0701061.pdf 167K09-Jul-2011 03:25
Heavy Electrons_ Electron Droplets Generated by Photogalvanic and Pyroelectric Effects.pdf 219K08-Feb-2011 13:26
High-energy x-ray production with pyroelectric crystals.pdf 122K08-Feb-2011 14:14
HighVacuumwithMechanicalPumps_ASummaryofWorkDonebyBruceKendallandOthers_BellJar1999.png 25K08-Nov-2011 04:21
Improvement of the Stability of X-ray Emission by Thermal Excitation of a Pyroelectric Single Crystal_ F Naruse et al..> 737K02-Sep-2017 11:24
Initial Results on Electron Beam Generation Using Pyroelectric Crystals_ R B Yoder_ 2010_ thpd046.pdf 951K09-Jul-2011 00:07
Intense pulsed neutron emission from a compact pyroelectric driven accelerator_ V Tang_ G Meyer_ S Palabella_ G Geuth..> 278K09-Jul-2011 01:00
Japanese_ Construction of a Beamline for the Study of Crystal-Based Accelerator Physics_ Yuichi Takabayashi_ WEPS096.pdf 1M09-Jul-2011 01:22
Method for Making TGS Single Crystal_ 1992_ US5104478.pdf 711K13-Jul-2011 16:04
Method of Manufacturing Triglycine Series Ferroelectric Crystals_ 1976_ US3953503.pdf 161K13-Jul-2011 15:21
Micro-Scale Electron Beam Generation Using Pyroelectric Crystals_ R B Yoder- Z Kabilova_ 2017.pdf 263K02-Sep-2017 10:28
Neutron production from feedback controlled thermal cycling of a pyroelectric crystal_ V Tang_ G Meyer_ G Schmid_ C S..> 377K09-Jul-2011 01:01
Neutron production with a pyroelectric double-crystal assembly without nano-top_ W Tornow_ W Corse_ S Crimi_ J Fox_ N..> 3M13-Jul-2011 15:51
Note_ Development of target changeable palm-top pyroelectric x-ray tube_ S Imashuku_ J Kawai_ 2012.pdf 905K02-Sep-2017 11:20
Nuclear Reactions Induced by a Pyroelectric Accelerator_ PhysRevLett_96_054803.pdf 262K08-Feb-2011 14:16
Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal_ neutron detector response_ nature03575-s1.pdf 546K09-Jul-2011 03:19
Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal_ phosphor screen image_ nature03575-s4.jpg 65K09-Jul-2011 03:18
Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal_ phosphor screen movie_ nature03575-s3.mpg 10M09-Jul-2011 03:17
Observation of nuclear fusion driven by a pyroelectric crystal_ raw PMT trace of neutron hits_ nature03575-s2.mpg 10M09-Jul-2011 03:17
Origin of Pyroelectricity in LiNbO3_ Qing Peng_ R E Cohen_ arxiv10114335.pdf 181K09-Jul-2011 03:11
Palm-top size X-ray microanalyzer using a pyroelectric focused electron beam with 100-micrometer diameter_ J Kawai et..> 688K02-Sep-2017 11:19
Palmtop electron probe x-ray microanalyzer_ S Imashuku_ A Imanishi_ J Kawai_ 2012.pdf 2M02-Sep-2017 11:12
Portable pyroelectric electron probe microanalyzer with a spot size of 40 micrometer_ S Imashuku et al_ 2017.pdf 5M02-Sep-2017 11:26
Possibility of using the piezoceramic PZT-19 in pyroelectric x-ray generators_ K A Vokhmyanina et al_ 2017.pdf 252K02-Sep-2017 10:52
Preliminary Results from Pyroelectric Crystal Accelerator_ T Anderson_ R Edwards_ K Bright_ A Kovanen_ Y Danon_ B Mor..> 544K29-Mar-2012 16:52
Pressure Dependence of Energetic 160 keV Focused Electron Beams Arising From Heated or Cooled LiNbO3 Pyroelectric Cry..> 148K08-Feb-2011 13:31
Pressure_Units_Conversion_scale.jpg 175K25-Oct-2011 18:13
Production of 14 MeV Neutrons Using Pyroelectric Crystals_ Reconverting Solar Energy into Nuclear Fusion Energy_ Wern..> 482K18-Jul-2014 09:00
Pyroelecticity_ Triglycine sulfate crystal growth and characterization_ Yu Preezant_ Y Preezant_.pdf 1M03-May-2011 03:42
Pyroelectric Crystal Accelerator In Deptartment Of Physics And Nuclear Engineering At West Point_ 2011.pdf 402K29-Mar-2012 16:50
Pyroelectric Crystal Generated Neutron Production.pdf 55K08-Feb-2011 13:55
Pyroelectric Electron Acceleration Improvements and Future Applications_ J Geuther_ Y Danon.pdf 93K09-Jul-2011 00:32
Pyroelectric Response in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 to Temperature Changes_ Brownridge Raboy_ arxiv0107046.pdf 264K08-Feb-2011 13:25
Pyroelectric crystal neutron production in a portable prototype vacuum system.pdf 446K08-Feb-2011 13:55
Recent Advances in Pyroelectric Radiation Generation_ J Geuther_ Y Danon_ K Fazel_ 2006.pdf 163K09-Jul-2011 00:53
S-R_TGS_NOTMINE.jpg 86K08-Nov-2011 02:41
Saturation of Spontaneous Polarization Charge in Pyroelectric Crystals of LiNbO3 LiTaO3 and CsNO3 at Low Temperature ..> 396K08-Feb-2011 13:32
Sealing Materials Require a Careful Choice_ PHil Danielson_ VacLab44.pdf 25K08-Nov-2011 06:22
Search for fusion from energy focusing phenomena in ferroelectric crystals_ B Naranjo_ S Putterman_ 2002_ ucei.pdf 1M09-Jul-2011 00:46
Self-Focused Electron Beams Produced by Pyroelecric Crystals on Heating or Cooling in Dilute Gases_ Brownridge Shafro..> 180K08-Feb-2011 13:25
Spectra of pyroelectric X-ray generator_ Nagaychenko VI_ Sanin VM_ Yegorov AM_ Shchagin AV_ 2003_ arxiv0309049.pdf 203K09-Jul-2011 00:45
Studies on triglycine sulfate TGS crystals doped with sodium bromide NaBr grown by solution method_ shanthi_ 2009.pdf 266K13-Jul-2011 15:26
Substantial Increase in Acceleration Potential of Pyroelectric Crystals_ Tornow_ JAP_ 2010.pdf 1M13-Jul-2011 15:53
TGS_impure.jpg 51K11-Dec-2011 08:01
TGS_impure_lg.jpg 765K11-Dec-2011 08:48
TGS_temp-vs-birefringence_and_temp-vs-phaseshiftofordinaryandextraordinarybeams.png 118K25-Nov-2011 07:02
TemperatureController_JLD612_Manual.pdf 244K25-Oct-2011 18:40
The edge electric field of a pyroelectric and its applications_ V Sandomirsky_ Y Schlesinger_ R Levin_ 2006.pdf 353K09-Jul-2011 01:28
Therapeutic Dose from a Pyroelectric Electron Accelerator.pdf 532K08-Feb-2011 13:51
Tip Length Optimization for a Pyroelectric Crystal Neutron Source_ D Gillich_ Y Danon_ A Kovanen_ B Herman_ W Labarre..> 158K09-Jul-2011 00:57
Using Static Charge on Pyroelectric Crystals to Produce Self Focusing Electron and Ion Beams and Transport Through Tu..> 210K08-Feb-2011 13:22
X-Ray Production Using Stacked Pyroelectric Crystals_ Kovanen Danon Gillich_ ANS2008.pdf 101K08-Feb-2011 14:06
X-ray fluoresced high-Z (up to Z = 82) K-x-rays produced by LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 pyroelectric crystal electron accelerat..> 59K08-Feb-2011 13:31
large pyroelectric effect in iron doped lithium niobate induced by a high-power short-pulse laser_ Kenji Kitamura_ Ma..> 162K13-Jul-2011 15:56
molecular_sieve_vacuum-trap_designs.png 68K13-Nov-2011 08:08
pyroelectric_temperature_vs_acceleration.png 41K08-Nov-2011 17:44
pyroelectric_temperature_vs_acceleration_sm.png 25K11-Dec-2011 10:49
pyroeletric-crystal-stacking.png 151K08-Nov-2011 17:55
simplestparticleaccelerator.png 47K07-Nov-2011 11:23