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Feasibility Study of Gas Electron Multiplier Detector as an X-Ray Image Sensor _ arxiv150303598.pdf446.7 KiB2015-Mar-19 08:23
A New GEM-like Imaging Detector with Electrodes Coated with Resistive Layers_ arxiv0612166.pdf480.8 KiB2011-Jun-04 09:50
A compensated fission detector based on photovoltaic cells.pdf290.9 KiB2011-Jul-09 00:32
A concise review on THGEM detectors_ arxiv08072026.pdf379.9 KiB2011-Jun-04 10:30
Advances in Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors and their Applications_ V Peskov_ arxiv09065215v1.pdf475.9 KiB2012-Mar-08 08:48
Advances in Thick GEM-like gaseous electron multipliers_ Part II_ low-pressure operation_ arxiv06..>229.2 KiB2011-Jun-04 10:26
Advances in Thick GEM-like gaseous electron multipliers_ Part I_ atmospheric pressure operation_ ..>636.5 KiB2011-Jun-04 10:34
Charge Amplification and Transfer Processes in the Gas Electron Multiplier_ PP_NIMA438_1999_376.pdf786.2 KiB2011-Jun-04 09:54
Concept of a novel fast neutron imaging detector based on THGEM for fan-beam tomography applicati..>230.7 KiB2012-Mar-08 07:48
Detector of alpha particles and x-rays operating in ambient air in pulse counting mode and with g..>772.5 KiB2011-Jun-04 08:55
Detector of alpha particles and x-rays operating in ambient air in pulse counting mode or and wit..>772.5 KiB2012-Mar-11 11:33
Development of Large gas Electron Multiplier detectors for high gain operation in ultra-pure nob..>1.3 MiB2011-Jun-04 09:29
Development of a gaseous photon detector for Cherenkov imaging applications_ THGEM_ Elena Rocco_ ..>8.3 MiB2011-Jun-04 08:15
Development of a new generation of micropattern gaseous detectors for high energy physics, astrop..>478.2 KiB2013-May-07 07:35
Development of a new generation of micropattern gaseous detectors for high energy physics, astrop..>478.2 KiB2013-May-07 20:39
Development of innovative micropattern gaseous detectors with resistive electrodes and first resu..>2.1 MiB2012-Mar-08 08:41
Developments and the preliminary tests of Resistive GEMs manufactured by a screen printing techno..>265.8 KiB2011-Jun-04 08:25
Evidence of deep-blue photon emission at high efficiency by common plastic_ H Nakamura_ Y Shiraka..>230.1 KiB2011-Aug-16 08:00
First Tests of Gaseous Detectors Made of a Resistive Mesh_ R Oliveira_ V Peskov_ F Pietropaolo_ P..>231.3 KiB2011-Jun-04 08:30
GEM applications outside high energy physics_ arxiv13021713.pdf1.4 MiB2013-Apr-17 13:50
GEM-based beam profile monitors for the antiproton decelerator_ arXiv11113394.pdf404.7 KiB2012-Mar-22 07:55
Gain limits of a Thick GEM in high-purity Ne Ar and Xe_ arXiv10014741.pdf686.2 KiB2011-Jun-04 08:52
Gas Electron Multiplier detectors with high reliability and stability_ arxiv10124716.pdf2.9 MiB2011-Jun-04 08:21
Improved X-ray detection and particle identification with avalanche photodiodes_ arxiv150506879.pdf1.5 MiB2015-Jun-02 06:04
Introductory Muon Science_ Kanetada Nagamine_ 2003.pdf2.6 MiB2011-Sep-13 06:50
Investigations of a THGEM-based imaging detector_ arxiv07073257.pdf871.7 KiB2011-Jun-04 10:13
Methodology for the use of proportional counters in pulsed fast neutron yield measurements_ Ariel..>783.1 KiB2012-Feb-19 00:26
Noble Gas Detectors_ Elena Aprile_ Aleksey E Bolotnikov_ Alexander I Bolozdynya_ Tadayoshi Doke_ ..>12.3 MiB2011-Jul-21 12:10
Operation of a THGEM-based detector in low-pressure Helium_ arxiv150103462.pdf958.8 KiB2015-Jan-18 10:28
Operation of a Thick Gas Electron Multiplier THGEM in Ar Xe and Ar-Xe_ arxiv07120485.pdf225.4 KiB2011-Jun-04 10:17
Optical readout_ a tool for studying gas-avalanche processes_ arxiv13051196.pdf1.2 MiB2013-May-07 08:19
R&D of a novel gas electron multiplier_ the THGEM_ Chen Ken Shalem_ 2005_JINST_TH_001.pdf1.4 MiB2011-Jun-04 08:11
RETGEM with polyvinylchloride electrodes_ VI Razin_ BM Ovchinnikov_ AI Reshetin_ SN Filippov_ arx..>291.1 KiB2011-Jun-04 08:18
Resistive_Gas_Electron_Multiplier_Technology.ppt1.1 MiB2011-Jun-04 09:20
Study of GEM-like detectors with resistive electrodes for RICH applications_ arxiv07122179.pdf195.1 KiB2011-Jun-04 08:27
THGEM operation in Ne and Ne CH4_ arxiv09052916.pdf832.7 KiB2012-Mar-09 10:28
The Resistive-WELL detector_ a compact spark-protected single amplification-stage MPGD_ arxiv1411..>3.0 MiB2014-Nov-14 09:47
The study of TGEMs and RETGEMs for the possible ALICE RICH upgrade_ Himank Anand_ Isha Shukla_ 20..>1.8 MiB2012-Mar-08 09:08
Thick GEM-like THGEM detectors and their possible applications_ arxiv0606162.pdf295.5 KiB2011-Jun-04 10:25
Two-dimensional GEM imaging detector with delay-line readout_ 2003_ GEM_Paper_1.pdf773.8 KiB2011-Jun-04 09:31
Update on GEMs and THGEMS R&D for Muon Chambers for CBM experiment_ anand_cbm_collab_meet_vecc_ju..>10.7 MiB2011-Jun-04 09:41