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A dose escalation study in sheep of the effects of the benzodiazepine CNS 7056 on sedation, the E..>213.7 KiB2012-Feb-08 18:15
Acute Cannabinoids Impair Working Memory through Astroglial CB1 Receptor Modulation of Hippocampa..>1.7 MiB2013-Jul-03 22:37
Adolescent Cannabinoid Exposure Permanently Suppresses Cortical Oscillations in Adult Mice_ Sylvi..>1.6 MiB2013-Jul-28 05:19
CNS 7056_ A Novel Ultra short acting Benzodiazepine_ Anesthesiology_ 2007.pdf405.5 KiB2012-Feb-07 16:52
Caffeine dosing strategies to optimize alertness during sleep loss_ F G Vital-Lopez_ S Ramakrishn..>1.6 MiB2018-Jun-05 14:57
Cannabinoid modulation of hippocampal long-term memory is mediated by mTOR signaling_ E Puigherma..>459.5 KiB2013-Jun-25 17:17
Pregnenolone Can Protect the Brain from Cannabis Intoxication_ Monique Vallee et al_ Science 2014..>1.9 MiB2014-Jan-05 09:36
Sniffing neuropeptides_ a transnasal approach to the human brain_ Jan Born_ Tanja Lange_ Werner K..>97.7 KiB2013-Jul-14 07:51
delta-9-THC Caused Synaptic and Memory Impairments Are Mediated through COX-2 Signaling_ Chu Chen..>2.6 MiB2013-Nov-21 21:49