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ATP released by astrocytes mediates glutamatergic activity-dependent heterosynaptic suppression_ ..>461.6 KiB2011-Jul-22 19:31
Antidepressant effects of sleep deprivation require astrocyte-dependent adenosine mediated signal..>1.8 MiB2013-Jun-27 15:36
Astrocyte and Oligodendrocyte Connexins of the Glial Syncytium in Relation to Astrocyte Anatomica..>122.6 KiB2011-Jul-14 09:18
Astrocytes from brain glue to communication elements_ the revolution continues_ Andrea Volterra_ ..>968.5 KiB2011-Jul-23 14:52
Astrocytic control of glutamatergic activity_ astrocytes as stars of the show_ Leif Hertz_ H Rona..>494.8 KiB2011-Jul-10 09:41
Astroglial Kir41 in the lateral habenula drives neuronal bursts in depression_ Y Cui_ Y Yang_ Z N..>7.8 MiB2018-Feb-17 17:23
Astroglial networks_ a step further in neuroglial and gliovascular interactions_ C Giaume_ A Koul..>3.2 MiB2011-Jul-10 09:47
Atrocyte-endothelial interactions at the blood-brain barrier_ N J Abbott _ L Ronnback_ E Hansson_..>1.1 MiB2012-Dec-23 02:58
Axon-glial signaling and the glial support of axon function_ Klaus-Armin Nave_ Bruce D Trapp_ 200..>600.6 KiB2011-Jul-10 09:42
Biophysical Methods to Study Tight Junction Permeability_ D Gunzel_ S M Krug_ R Rosenthal_ M From..>672.3 KiB2011-Jul-09 22:49
Dynamic signaling between astrocytes and neurons_ A Araque_ G Carmignoto_ P G Haydon_ annurev-phy..>489.5 KiB2011-Jul-22 19:29
Early-Life Experience Decreases Drug-Induced Reinstatement of Morphine CPP in Adulthood via Micro..>244 B2011-Dec-19 12:19
Endocannabinoids mediate neuron-astrocyte communication_ M Navarrete_ A Araque_ Neuron_ 2008.pdf1.3 MiB2011-Jul-23 15:19
Glia_ Listening and talking to the synapse_ Phillip G Haydon_ 2001.pdf1.8 MiB2011-Jul-10 09:56
Glial Neurobiology_ Alexei Verkhratsky_ Arthur Butt_ 2007.pdf8.1 MiB2011-Jun-26 07:50
Gliogenesis and Glial Pathology in Depression_ G Rajkowska_ J J Miguel-Hidalgo_ nihms-224144_ 200..>544.4 KiB2012-Apr-18 18:41
Glutamate exocytosis from astrocytes controls synaptic strength_ Jourdain_ Volterra_ NatureNeuro..>482.2 KiB2011-Jul-23 15:10
Handbook on White Matter_ Structure Function and Changes_ T Westland_ R Calton_ 2009.pdf9.8 MiB2011-May-03 02:05
Hippocampal short- and long-term plasticity are not modulated by astrocyte Ca2 signaling_ C Agulh..>564.2 KiB2011-Jul-23 15:37
Ketamine blocks burstin in the lateral habenula to rapidly relieve depression_ Y Yang_ Y Cui_ K S..>5.8 MiB2018-Feb-17 17:21
Neural Circuit-Specialized Astrocytes_ Transcriptomic, Proteomic, Morphological, and Functional E..>10.1 MiB2017-Jul-16 16:32
Neuroglia in the Aging Brain_ Jean de Vellis_ 2002.pdf6.3 MiB2011-Jul-16 23:13
Neuroglia_ Helmut Kettenmann_ Bruce R Ransom_ 2004.pdf126.3 MiB2011-Jun-26 08:03
New roles for astrocytes_ Redefining of functionl architecture_ Maiken Needergaard_ 2003.pdf2.6 MiB2011-Jul-10 09:34
Super-Resolution Imaging of the Extracellular Space in Living Brain Tissue_ J Tonnesen_ V V G K I..>10.9 MiB2018-Mar-08 07:14
Tripartite synapses_ astrocytes process and control synaptic information_ G Perea_ M Navarrete_ A..>807.8 KiB2011-Jul-10 09:45
Tuned responses of astrocytes and their influence on hemodynamic signals in the visual cortex_ Sc..>569.5 KiB2011-Jul-10 09:54
What Is the Role of Astrocyte Calcium in Neurophysiology_ C Agulhon_ J Petravicz_ A B McMullen_ E..>1.1 MiB2012-Feb-02 19:16