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Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels_ Gerald Werner Zamponi_ 2009.pdf30.0 MiB2011-Jul-16 23:45
Ultrafast Action Potentials Mediate Kilohertz Signaling at a Central Synapse_ A Ritzau-Jost_ I De..>2.6 MiB2015-Aug-02 17:01
Toxoplasma gondii induced neuronal alterations_ A Parlog_ D Schluter_ I R Dunay_ P Immun 2015.pdf1.7 MiB2015-Aug-16 14:26
Thin-slicing study of the oxytocin receptor OXTR gene and the evaluation and expression of the pr..>536.0 KiB2011-Nov-16 16:52
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The olivo-cerebellar system_ a key to understanding the functional significance of intrinsic osci..>1.8 MiB2014-Feb-12 22:37
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The Neurobiologists Guide to Structural Biology_ A Primer on Why Macromolecular Structure Matters..>1.2 MiB2012-Mar-06 11:07
The Minds I_ Fantasies and Reflections on Self & Soul_ Douglas R Hofstadter_ Daniel C Dennett_ 20..>4.8 MiB2011-Jul-16 23:43
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The Language Instinct_ How the Mind Creates Language_ Steven Pinker.djvu3.5 MiB2011-Apr-01 23:40
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The Challenge of Translation in Social Neuroscience_ A Review of Oxytocin, Vasopressin, and Affil..>506.7 KiB2012-Mar-06 12:23
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Queries-and-Minor-Notes-Decapitation-and-Consciousness-JAMA-Sept-9-1939-18249769.pdf620.5 KiB2011-Sep-27 04:48
Quantitative model for the change of optical resonance in neural activity detection systems based..>976.0 KiB2011-Aug-01 04:02
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Optical measurement of neural activity using surface plasmon resonance_ Sin Ae Kim_ Sung June Ki..>193.2 KiB2011-Aug-01 03:58
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Neuromodulation of central pattern generators and its role in the functional recovery of central ..>458.5 KiB2019-Jul-16 14:31
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Neural Engineering_ Computation, Representation, and Dynamics in Neurobiological Systems_ Chris E..>7.1 MiB2011-May-24 07:07
Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 Is a Coreceptor for Alzheimer Alpha-Beta Oligomer Bound to Cell..>4.0 MiB2013-Sep-24 14:17
Membrane Tension Maintains Cell Polarity by Confining Signals to the Leading Edge during Neutroph..>1.7 MiB2012-Jan-25 22:24
Mathematical Foundations of Neuroscience_ G Bard Ermentrout_ David H Terman_ 2010.pdf6.1 MiB2011-Aug-25 04:05
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Intersection of diverse neuronal genomes and neuropsychiatric disease_ The Brain Somatic Mosaicis..>2.6 MiB2017-May-12 03:53
Integration of the olfactory code across dendritic claws of single mushroom body neurons_ Eyal Gr..>2.0 MiB2013-Oct-28 19:53
Inferior Olive Oscillations as the Temporal Basis for Motricity and Oscillatory Reset as the Basi..>2.0 MiB2012-Feb-02 18:00
Imaging the Brain with Optical Methods_ Anna W Roe_ 2009.pdf17.5 MiB2011-Oct-05 01:08
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I of the Vortex_ From Neurons to Self_ Rodolfo R Llinas.pdf2.6 MiB2010-Nov-23 15:50
Hypothalamic programming of systemic ageing involving IKK-, NF-B and GnRH_ G Zhang_ J Li_ S Purka..>1.4 MiB2013-May-17 01:19
Hypnotic effects and binding studies for GABA_A and 5-HT_2C receptors of traditional medicinal pl..>462.6 KiB2013-Mar-10 21:09
Handbook of Basal Ganglia Structure and Function_ Heinz Steiner_ Kuei-Yuan Tseng_ 2010.pdf108.6 MiB2012-Jan-09 07:11
Gut-brain axis_ how the microbiome influences anxiety and depression_ Jane A Foster_ Karen-Anne M..>527.5 KiB2013-Jul-01 23:18
Growth Cone Travel in Space and Time_ the Cellular Ensemble of Cytoskeleton, Adhesion, and Membra..>873.6 KiB2012-Mar-26 07:02
General anaesthesia_ from molecular targets to neuronal pathways of sleep and arousal_ Nicholas P..>2.6 MiB2012-Jan-23 23:19
Functional gradients of the cerebellum_ X Guell_ J D Schmahmann_ J DE Gabrieli_ S S Ghosh_ eLife ..>3.3 MiB2018-Oct-04 17:13
Functional circuit architecture underlying parental behavior_ Johannes Kohl et al_ Nature 2018.pdf8.7 MiB2018-Apr-13 02:06
Extrasynaptic GABA_A Receptors_ Their Function in the CNS and Implications for Disease_ JNeuron_ ..>600.7 KiB2012-Jan-25 12:31
Engrams and circuits crucial for systems consolidation of a memory_ T Kitamura_ S K Ogawa_ D S Ro..>1.4 MiB2017-Apr-10 16:11
Electric Fields of the Brain_ The Neurophysics of EEG_ Paul L Nunez_ Ramesh Srinivasan_ 2005.djvu11.4 MiB2011-Dec-11 22:10
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Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience_ The Geometry of Excitability and Bursting_ Eugene M Izhikevich..>7.5 MiB2011-Dec-11 22:09
Diversity in the Neuronal Machine_ Order and Variability in Interneuronal Microcircuits_ Ivan Sol..>2.9 MiB2011-Dec-11 22:11
Direction selectivity is computed by active dendritic integration in retinal ganglion cells_ Benj..>6.9 MiB2013-Oct-28 17:34
Developmental Plasticity of Inhibitory Circuitry_ Sarah L Pallas_ 2009.pdf3.3 MiB2011-Jul-16 23:46
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Childhood IQ and survival to 79_ Follow-up of 94% of the Scottish Mental Survey 1947_ Iva Cukica_..>422.2 KiB2019-Mar-16 20:58
Broca and Wernicke are dead, or moving past the classic model of language neurobiology_ Pascale T..>2.0 MiB2016-Nov-01 16:26
Brain Organization into Resting State Networks Emerges at Criticality on a Model of the Human Con..>938.8 KiB2013-Apr-24 09:30
Biology of the NMDA Receptor_Antonius M VanDongen_ 2008.pdf12.0 MiB2012-Feb-05 22:12
Basal Ganglia Function Connectivity Based on a Meta-Analysis of 126 PET and fMRI Publications_ Ce..>1.0 MiB2012-Oct-15 18:43
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An Introduction to the Event-Related Potential Technique_ Steven J Luck_ 2005.pdf3.0 MiB2011-Jul-16 23:06
Acute Neuronal Injury_ The Role of Excitotoxic Programmed Cell Death Mechanisms_ Denson G Fujikaw..>17.4 MiB2011-Jul-16 23:47
Actin, Spectrin, and Associated Proteins Form a Periodic Cytoskeletal Structure in Axons_ Ke Xu e..>1.8 MiB2013-May-02 20:58
A new brain circuit in feeding control_ Sabrina Diano_ Science 2018.pdf282.0 KiB2018-Jul-07 14:50
A gut-brain neural circuit for nutrient sensory transduction_ M M Kaelberer_ K L Buchanan_ M E Kl..>1.8 MiB2018-Sep-23 19:02