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A MEMS-based variable micro-lens system.pdf 1M05-Sep-2009 03:20
A cortical neural prosthesis for restoring and enhancing memory - Berger - 2011.pdf 3M22-Jun-2011 23:47
A geometry controllable approach for the fabrication of biomimetic hierarchical structure and its superhydrophobicity..> 876K07-Mar-2009 04:29
A lab-on-CD prototype for high-speed blood separation with curved microchannels.pdf 495K08-Mar-2009 10:21
A low temperature surface modification assisted method for bonding plastic substrates.pdf 411K23-Jun-2009 15:45
A versatile all-channel stimulator for electrode arrays, with real-time control.pdf 348K07-Mar-2013 09:40
Analysis of the quasi-static approximation for calculating potentials generated by neural stimulation.pdf 371K13-Mar-2013 15:02
Anti-stiction coating of PDMS moulds for rapid microchannel fabrication by double replica moulding.pdf 1M10-Feb-2013 11:09
Bio-inspired design strategies for central pattern generator control in modular robotics.pdf 2M04-Feb-2013 13:24
Capillary flow control using hydrophobic patterns.pdf 253K28-Feb-2009 13:00
Computationally efficient bioelectric field modeling and effects of frequency-dependent tissue capacitance.pdf 365K13-Mar-2013 14:58
Decoding flexion of individual fingers using electrocorticographic signals in humans.pdf 2M09-Jan-2010 17:11
Electrically induced formation of uncapped, hollow polymeric microstructures - Kahp Y Suh - good - 2006.pdf 561K07-Mar-2009 03:47
Evaluation of probabilistic methods to predict muscle activity from 12 muscles.pdf 1M09-Jan-2010 17:10
Formation of complex polymeric microstructures through physical self-organization and capillary dynamics - HH Lee - K..> 464K07-Mar-2009 03:43
Getting a grip on spider attachment - an AFM approach to microstructure adhesion in arthropods.pdf 823K29-Apr-2009 14:44
High density nanostructure transfer in soft molding using polyurethane acrylate molds and polyelectrolyte multilayers..> 393K07-Mar-2009 04:29
High-speed AFM of human chromosomes in air and liquid.pdf 1M21-Apr-2009 00:01
In situ synthesis of oligonucleotide arrays by using soft lithography.pdf 407K13-Apr-2009 03:33
Magnetic nanoparticles as gene delivery agents-- enhanced transfection in the presence of oscillating magnet arrays.pdf 361K28-Aug-2012 22:56
Mass-producible replication of highly hydrophobic surfaces from plant leaves.pdf 2M25-Apr-2009 20:08
Microwave welding of polymeric-microfluidic devices.pdf 501K28-Feb-2009 01:59
Modeling and optimization of planar microcoils - NT Nguyen.pdf 420K01-Mar-2009 17:17
Modelling of epithelial tissue impedance measured using three different designs of probe.pdf 434K19-Mar-2013 09:32
Multiple pinch formations in small plasma-focus devices.pdf 208K06-Jan-2013 12:31
Nanofluidic structures with complex three-dimensional surfaces.pdf 1M06-Apr-2009 11:05
Nanorobot Architecture for Medical Target Identification.pdf 2M10-Dec-2010 00:06
One-dimensional actuation of a ferrofluid droplet by planar microcoils - NT Nuygen.pdf 272K01-Mar-2009 17:19
PCR - Droplet-based micro oscillating-flow PCR chip.pdf 896K01-Mar-2009 21:37
Patterning photo-curable light-emitting organic composites by vertical and horizontal capillarity - a general route t..> 1M12-Mar-2009 21:36
Properties and application of a multichannel integrated circuit for low-artifact, patterned electrical stimulation of..> 2M06-Feb-2013 19:37
Rapid prototyping of microfluidic systems using a laser-patterned tape.pdf 639K28-Feb-2009 02:07
Real-time detection of linear and angular displacements with a modified DVD optical head.pdf 1M04-May-2009 12:32
Reverse DNA translocation through a solid-state nanopore by magnetic tweezers.pdf 519K16-Apr-2009 20:17
Review - A review of microvalves - 2006.pdf 2M08-Mar-2009 13:32
SU-8 thick photoresist processing as a functional material for MEMS applications.pdf 804K05-Feb-2013 07:03
Signal distortion from microelectrodes in clinical EEG acquisition systems.pdf 2M13-Mar-2013 12:52
Site-specific binding and stretching of DNA molecules at UV-light-patterned aminoterpolymer films.pdf 277K15-Apr-2009 19:34
Systematic modeling of microfluidic concentration gradient generators.pdf 581K28-Feb-2009 02:49
Templateless prototyping of polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic structures using a pulsed CO2 laser.pdf 1M14-Feb-2013 02:28
The lateral migration of neutrally-buoyant spheres transported through square microchannels.pdf 739K28-Feb-2009 01:37
Towards multifocal ultrasonic neural stimulation - pattern generation algorithms - Hertzberg - J. Neural Eng. - 2010.pdf 684K10-Jun-2011 19:12
ViriChip - a solid phase assay for detection and identification of viruses by atomic force microscopy.pdf 914K18-Apr-2009 07:48