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soil-support-compaction-properties.pdf178.5 KiB2018-Jul-27 19:14
Walipini Construction_ The Underground Greenhouse_ Benson Agricultural and Food Institute_ 2002.pdf3.5 MiB2011-Nov-17 17:33
Vaporizing foil actuator_ A tool for collision welding_ A Vivek_ S R Hansen_ B C Liu_ Glenn S Dae..>2.2 MiB2015-Nov-09 19:12
Underground infrastructure of urban areas_ Cezary Madryas_ 2008.pdf5.2 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:01
Underground Spaces_ Design, Engineering and Environmental Aspects_ C A Brebbia_ D Kaliampakos_ P..>7.6 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:14
Tunnels and Fortifications of the Vietnam War_ Gordon Rottman_ 2006.pdf24.3 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:51
Tunnelling in Weak Rocks_ Bhawani Singh_ R K Goel_ 2006.pdf9.3 MiB2011-Jul-21 14:36
Tunnelling and Tunnel Mechanics_ A Rational Approach to Tunnelling_ Dimitrios Kolymbas_ 2008.pdf10.4 MiB2011-Jul-17 10:30
TrussFab_ Fabricating Sturdy Large-Scale Structures on Desktop 3D Printers_ R Kovacs_ A Seufert_ ..>1.8 MiB2017-Apr-24 18:07
Toward a Vocabulary of Legged Leaping_ Aaron M Johnson_ D E Koditschek_ 2013.pdf507.7 KiB2013-May-10 08:30
Theory & Design of Pressure Vessels_ John F Harvey_ 1997.pdf50.7 MiB2011-Nov-05 01:07
The Fifty Dollar and Up Underground House Book_ Mike Oehler_ 1981.pdf3.4 MiB2011-Nov-17 17:42
The EDM How-To Book_ Electrical Discharge Machining_ Ben Fleming_ 2005.pdf41.8 MiB2012-Sep-19 08:32
The Complete Book Of Underground Houses_ How To Build A Low Cost Home_ Rob Roy_ 1994.pdf36.5 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:11
Tensegrity_ Structural Systems for the Future_ Rena Motro_2006.pdf12.9 MiB2011-May-03 20:13
Tensegrity Systems_ R Skelton_ M C Oliveira_ 2009.pdf7.4 MiB2011-May-03 20:14
Synergetics_ Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking_ R Buckminster Fuller_ EJ Applewhite_ 1975.pdf27.1 MiB2011-May-03 20:16
Surface and Underground Excavations_ Methods, Techniques and Equipment_ Ratan Raj Tatiya_ 2005.pdf9.5 MiB2011-Apr-02 03:33
Support of Underground Excavations in Hard Rock_ E Hoek_ PK Kaiser_ W F Bawden_ 2000.pdf42.4 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:16
Substrate Release Mechanisms for Gas Metal Arc Weld 3D Aluminum Metal Printing_ A S Haselhuhn_ E ..>267.5 KiB2015-Feb-22 05:37
Stirling Engines and Irrigation Pumping_ C D West_ Oak Ridge National Labs TM-10475_ 1987.pdf1.9 MiB2015-Feb-06 02:20
Stability Analysis and Modelling of Underground Excavations in Fractured Rocks_ vol 1_ Jian Zhao_..>4.6 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:15
Small-Scale Biomass Gasifiers for Heat and Power_ Hurbert E Stassen_ 1995.pdf3.6 MiB2011-Oct-26 17:44
Rock Mechanics in Underground Construction_ C F Leung_ Y X Zhou_ 2006.pdf30.2 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:12
Rock Mechanics and Engineering_ C Jaeger_ 2009.pdf6.2 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:17
Rock Mechanics - For Underground Mining_ 3rd Ed_ B H G Brady_ E T Brown_ 2005.pdf25.6 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:16
Revised Builders Guide to Frost Protected Shallow Foundations_ NAHB_ 2004.pdf734.4 KiB2018-Jul-25 03:51
Primer on the Mechanics of Tensegrity Structures_ W O Williams_ 2005.pdf436.1 KiB2012-Feb-13 02:18
Pressure Vessels_ Design and Practice_ Somnath Chattopadhyay_ 2004.pdf4.2 MiB2011-Nov-05 01:07
Pressure Vessel and Stacks Field Repair Manual_ Keith Escoe_ 2008.pdf4.3 MiB2011-Nov-05 01:02
Pressure Vessel Handbook_ 12 Ed_ Eugene F Megyesy_ 2001.pdf7.8 MiB2011-Nov-05 00:59
Pressure Vessel Design_ The Direct Route_ Josef L Zeman_ Franz Rauscher_ Sebastian Schindler_ 200..>4.5 MiB2011-Nov-05 01:01
Pressure Vessel Design Manual_ 3rd Ed_ Dennis R Moss_ 2004.pdf14.2 MiB2011-Nov-05 01:04
Manual making of a parabolic solar collector_ Gang Xiao_ 2008.pdf2.5 MiB2016-Oct-03 03:19
Kinematic and Quasi-Kinematic Constraints_ What They Are & How They Work_ David Fellowes_ 2006.pdf382.4 KiB2016-Apr-15 05:14
Kinematic Chains and Machine Components Design_ Dan B Marghitu_ 2005.pdf20.9 MiB2011-Nov-17 16:10
Introduction to Tunnel Construction_ David Chapman_ Nicole Metje_ Alfred Stark_ 2010.pdf58.5 MiB2011-Nov-08 00:26
Introduction to Subsurface Imaging_ Bahaa Saleh_ 2011.djvu8.0 MiB2011-Oct-10 10:51
Interactive Freeform Design of Tensegrity_ Tomohiro Tachi_ 2012.pdf571.5 KiB2016-Apr-15 21:36
Helical piles_ a practical guide to design and installation_ Howard APerko_ 2009.pdf46.8 MiB2018-Jul-25 08:14
Hazardous Gases Underground_ Applications to Tunnel Engineering_ Barry Doyle_ 2001.pdf4.5 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:14
Handbook_of_Biomass_Downdraft_Gasifier_Engine_Systems.pdf9.8 MiB2011-Oct-26 17:43
Guide to Cavern Engineering_ Berdal Stomme_ 1998.pdf5.0 MiB2012-Mar-26 17:47
Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction_ E Villaescusa_ Y Potvin_ 2004.pdf43.5 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:10
Ground Anchors_ fema_p85_ch7.pdf531.1 KiB2018-Jul-25 07:08
Geotechnical risk in rock tunnels_ selected papers from a course on Geotechnical Risk in Rock Tun..>9.0 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:52
Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Ground_ Charles Ww Ng_ Hw Huang_ Gb Liu_..>29.3 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:11
Free-standing Tension Structures_ From Tensegrity Systems to Cable-strut Systems_ Binbing Wang_ 2..>6.1 MiB2011-May-03 20:13
FEMA_Simplified_Wood_Gas_Generator-Mar_1989_With_Biomass_Energy_Foundation_2001.pdf3.4 MiB2011-Oct-26 17:46
Engineering with nuclear explosives_ 3rd Plowshare Symposium_ ADA396463_ 1964.pdf27.5 MiB2017-May-16 10:10
Engineering Rock Mechanics Part I_ An Introduction to the Principles_ John A Hudson_ 2000.pdf25.3 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:17
Engineering Rock Mass Classification_ Tunnelling, Foundations and Landslides_ R K Goel_ Bhawani S..>3.4 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:53
Engineering Geology for Underground Rocks_ Suping Peng_ Jincai Zhang_ 2007.pdf8.0 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:13
Earthbag Building - The Tools, Tricks and Techniques_ Kaki Hunter_ Donald Kiffmeyer_ 2004.pdf19.2 MiB2016-Feb-03 17:47
Cement Chemistry_ H F W Taylor_ 1990.pdf9.2 MiB2011-Nov-07 07:21
Cablebolting in Underground Mines_ Hutchinson Diederichs_ 1995.pdf16.4 MiB2012-Feb-02 13:00
Buried Pipe Design_ 3rd Ed_ A Moser_ Steve Folkman_ 2008.pdf14.9 MiB2011-Jul-14 22:12
Bending-and-Heat-Treating-to-Temper-Steel-Wire.txt2.9 KiB2018-Jul-24 16:14
Artificial Muscles from Fishing Line and Sewing Thread_ R H Baughman et al_ Science 2014.pdf1.1 MiB2014-May-03 14:42
Aerated granular flow over a horizontal rigid surface_ I Eames_ M A Gilberson_ 2000.pdf1022.7 KiB2012-Oct-04 05:13