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1,5 - 40 GHz Meander Spiral Antenna Simulation and Design_ Fabrizio Trotta.pdf2.6 MiB2012-Jun-14 10:00
A Broadband VHF-L Band Cavity-Backed Slot Spiral Antenna_ John L Volakis_ 2005.pdf9.2 MiB2012-Jun-18 04:50
A Novel Compact Achimedean Spiral Antenna With Gap-Loading_ Q Liu_ C-L Ruan_ L Peng_ W X Wu_ 2008..>853.7 KiB2012-Jun-14 10:15
A Simple Equivalent Circuit Model for Ultrawideband Coupled Arrays_ E A Alwan_ K Sertel_ J L Vola..>1.1 MiB2017-Apr-27 21:15
A Survey of the Very Wide Band and Frequency Independent Antennas_ 1945 to the Present_ John D Dy..>9.1 MiB2014-Aug-21 21:58
A Two-Wire Spiral Antenna with Ubalanced Feed_ K Hirose_ M Miyamoto_ H Nakano_ 2001.pdf141.1 KiB2017-Apr-26 19:57
A cavity-backed dual polarized array of connected spiral antennas_ R Guinvarch_ M Serhir_ APS 201..>252.6 KiB2014-Jan-18 15:28
Analysis And Design Of A Multifunctional Spiral Antenna_ Planar Microstrip Dyson Balun_ Teng-Kai ..>7.9 MiB2015-Oct-12 06:12
Analysis of Archimedean Spiral Antenna_ Chapter 2_ Caswell.pdf716.2 KiB2012-Jun-07 18:28
Analysis of the Equiangular Spiral Antenna_ Michael McFadden_ 2009.pdf13.6 MiB2012-Jun-07 18:52
Argus_ An L-Band All-Sky Astronomical Surveillance System_ Novel Spiral Ground Plane_ Steven W El..>1.3 MiB2012-Jun-28 14:10
Conical log spiral antennas for SKA-low_ A Jiwani_ S Padhi_ M Waterson_ P Hall_ ICRAR_ 2011.pdf2.3 MiB2012-Jun-07 18:29
Design and Fabrication of Wideband Archimedean Spiral Anteanna Based Ultra-Low Cost Green Modules..>610.7 KiB2014-Nov-23 00:51
Design and Fabrication of Wideband Archimedean Spiral Antenna Based Ultra-Low Cost Green Modules ..>610.7 KiB2018-Jun-17 19:39
Design of high return loss logarithmic spiral antenna_ L Morbidel_ L A B Rossini_ P A C Caso_ 201..>645.4 KiB2018-Jul-10 14:23
Design of wideband arrays of spiral antennas_ Israel Hinostroza_ Thesis 2013.pdf16.5 MiB2014-Jan-18 15:38
Interwoven Spiral Array ISPA With a 10 to 1 Bandwidth on a Ground Plane_ I Tzanidis_ K Sertel_ J ..>753.6 KiB2017-Apr-16 13:55
Low-Profile Archimedean spiral antenna with approximate 50 Ohm input impedance_ Y-W Wang_ G-M Wan..>1.1 MiB2017-Apr-16 14:29
Multi-polarized spiral antennas for RF sensing_ W Neill Kefauver_ 2011.pdf6.0 MiB2012-Jun-15 11:30
Novel Rectangular Spiral Antennas_ Ugur Saynak_ 2007.pdf776.7 KiB2012-Jun-07 18:32
The Equiangular Spiral Antenna_ John D Dyson_ 1959.pdf699.7 KiB2012-Jun-05 08:28
The Spiral as a Traveling Wave Struction for Broadband Antenna Applications_ Johnson J H Wang_ 20..>5.9 MiB2012-Jun-28 12:48
Theory of Frequency-Independent Antennas as Traveling-Wave Antennas And Their Asymptotic Solution..>157.9 KiB2012-Jun-28 13:00
UWB Spiral Antenna_ Equiangular Copper Foil_ Wai Phyo_ 2011.pdf5.1 MiB2012-Jun-28 15:23
Wideband Multimode Monostatic Spiral Antenna STAR Subsystem_ E A Etellisi_ M A Elmansouri_ D S Fi..>2.5 MiB2017-Mar-16 19:47