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868 MHz Traffic Detective_ A Software-Based Tool for Radio Traffic Monitoring_ J Saalmuller_ M Ku..>646.4 KiB2016-Dec-21 23:54
A Simple Solution To The Uncertain Delay Problem in USRP Based SDR-Radar Systems_ arxiv13094843.pdf211.7 KiB2014-Sep-15 21:43
A Software-Defined Radio for the Masses_ Part 1_ Gerald Youngblood AC50G_ 2002.pdf848.8 KiB2012-May-24 00:42
A Software-Defined Radio for the Masses_ Part 2_ Gerald Youngblood AC50G_ 2002.pdf452.1 KiB2012-May-24 00:46
A Software-Defined Radio for the Masses_ Part 3_ Gerald Youngblood AC50G_ 2002.pdf576.6 KiB2012-May-24 00:46
A Software-Defined Radio for the Masses_ Part 4_ Gerald Youngblood AC50G_ 2002.pdf1.9 MiB2012-May-24 00:46
Accelerated FFT computation for GNU radio using GPU of raspberry Pi_ C Aneesh_ G Rajendran_ S Sab..>223.8 KiB2016-Nov-08 04:14
An inexpensive hyperbolic positioning system for tracking wildlife using off-the-shelf hardware_ ..>4.9 MiB2017-Aug-31 10:21
Basic RTL-SDR Tests_ Stability of a new RTL2838U R820T2 Dongle_ Peter M W Kalberla_ 2015.pdf503.5 KiB2015-Apr-04 13:18
Basics of Sigma-Delta Modulation_ E Janssen_ A van Roermund_ 2011.pdf609.0 KiB2018-Apr-30 22:42
Complex Signal Processing is Not - Complex_ Ken Martin.pdf776.5 KiB2013-Feb-14 03:46
Delta-Sigma ADCs in a nutshell_ Bonnie Baker_ 2007.pdf164.5 KiB2017-Jan-22 19:19
Digital Modulation in Communications Systems_ An Introduction_ Agilent AN 1298.pdf481.6 KiB2014-Jun-12 19:49
ECE 4670_ Software Defined Radio and the RTL-SDR USB Dongle_ Lab 6_ 2014.pdf2.8 MiB2015-Nov-13 09:29
Enhancing ADC resolution by oversampling_ AVR121_ doc8003_ Atmel 2005.pdf118.0 KiB2017-Nov-08 22:27
FM Demodulation Using a Digital Radio and Digital Signal Processing_ James Michael Shima_ 1995.pdf146.0 KiB2014-Jun-12 05:01
Generalized Bandpass Sampling Receivers for Software Defined Radio_ YiRan Sun_ 2006.pdf1.3 MiB2012-May-24 00:48
High-speed real-time heterodyne interferometry using software-defined radio_ L M Riobo_ F E Veira..>1000.9 KiB2018-Jan-08 07:41
Improvements in CPU and FPGA Performance for Small Satellite SDR Applications_ M R Maheshwarappa_..>680.1 KiB2017-Jan-10 18:40
Nearly Sample-Optimal Sparse Fourier Transform_ P Indyk_ M Kapralov_ E Price_ 2013.pdf440.7 KiB2013-Dec-13 16:00
Putting the Radio in Software-Defined Radio_ Hardware Developments for Adaptable RF Systems_ Will..>1.3 MiB2015-Sep-15 17:27
Quad RTL SDR Receiver_ Peter W East_ 2016.pdf3.7 MiB2016-Jun-22 14:09
Quadrature Signals_ Complex, But Not Complicated_ Richard Lyons_ 2008.pdf199.7 KiB2012-May-24 04:05
RTL-SDR_ GSM_ have we overslept the last wake-up call_ Domonkos P Tomcsanyi_ 2013.pdf621.8 KiB2013-Oct-15 13:11
RasHAWK_ Distributed EM Situational Awareness Based on Raspberry Pi and REDHAWK_ AOC Challenge En..>4.4 MiB2015-Dec-24 10:17
Signal Chain Noise Analysis for RF-to-Digital Receivers_ Cheng-Wei Pei_ Linear Technology dn439f_..>83.4 KiB2014-Dec-30 23:37
SirenJack_ ICSA-18-100-01_ Balint Seeber_ 2018.pdf1.0 MiB2018-Apr-16 17:39
Software Defined Radio Handbook_ 8th Ed_ Rodger H Hosking_ 2010.pdf1.2 MiB2014-Jun-12 19:48
Software Defined Radio Receiver Application with Web-based Interface_ OpenWebRX_ Thesis_ Andras R..>3.8 MiB2015-May-01 07:51
Some Measurements on DVB-T Dongles with E4000 and R820T Tuners_ Image Rejection, Internal Signals..>448.3 KiB2014-Aug-29 09:32
Some Measurements on E4000 and R820 Tuners_ Image Rejection, Internal Signals, Sensitivity, Overl..>448.3 KiB2017-Aug-30 03:12
Streamlining Digital Signal Processing_ A Tricks of the Trade Guidebook_ Richard G Lyons_ 2007.pdf6.2 MiB2012-May-24 04:08
Tunable High-Q N-Path Band-Pass Filters_ Modeling and Verification_ A Ghaffari_ E AM Klumperink_ ..>750.9 KiB2018-Feb-09 20:28
Understanding Digital Signal Processing_ 3rd Ed_ Richard G Lyons_ 2010.epub45.8 MiB2012-May-09 10:46
Waves to Ones and Zeros_ Data Acquisition in Radio Astronomy_ Ryan Thornton_ Christopher Stoughto..>242.1 KiB2016-Dec-28 17:44
Why your high-speed ADC can never have enough SNR_ Tommy Neu_ TI.pdf248.6 KiB2015-Sep-21 19:59
rtl-sdr_ Wideband Transimpedance Amplifiers for Optoelectronics_ Applications to Dynamic Interfer..>814.5 KiB2018-Jan-08 07:38