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A General Circuit Model for Defected Ground Structures in Planar Transmission Lines_ Jia-Sheng Ho..>190.5 KiB2015-Sep-18 12:10
A Tunable Bandpass-to-Bandstop Reconfigurable Filter With Independent Bandwidths and Tunable Resp..>1.7 MiB2015-Sep-15 15:27
A UHF Multi-Evanescent-Mode Coaxial Cavity Resonator_ J-S Zhan_ S-W Dong_ L-M Gong_ S-F Dong_ X-L..>298.5 KiB2018-Jul-12 04:04
Analytical Modeling of Highly Loaded Evanescent-mode Cavity Resonators for Widely Tunable High-Q ..>336.6 KiB2015-Sep-17 23:12
Broadband Implementation of Tunable Substrate-Integrated Evanescent-Mode Cavity Bandpass Filters_..>1.1 MiB2015-Sep-15 18:00
Capacitively Tuned Electrical Coupling for Reconfigurable Coaxial Cavity Bandstop Filters_ Akash ..>1.4 MiB2015-Sep-14 17:28
Co-Design of Highly Efficient Power Amplifier and High-Q Output Bandpass Filter_ K Chen_ J Lee_ W..>2.3 MiB2015-Sep-14 15:26
Co-Design of Multi-Band High-Efficiency Power Amplifier and Three-Pole High- Tunable Filter_ Kenl..>777.7 KiB2015-Sep-15 20:52
Co-Design of Power Amplifier and Narrowband Filter using High-Q Evanescent-Mode Cavity Resonator ..>1.4 MiB2015-Sep-15 08:33
Constant-Absolute-Bandwidth Frequency-Tunable Half-Mode SIW Filter Containing No Tunable Coupling..>725.8 KiB2018-May-24 20:26
Design of Low Phase-Noise Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Using Tunable Evanescent-Mode Cavity_ Yuh..>487.6 KiB2015-Sep-14 18:13
Design of microwave front-end narrowband filter and limiter components_ Lee W Cross_ Thesis 2013.pdf6.8 MiB2015-Sep-14 17:46
Extended Passband Bandstop Filter Cascade With Continuous 0.85-6.6 GHz Coverage_ Eric J Naglich_ ..>1.5 MiB2015-Sep-16 04:59
Extension of Bandstop Filter Topology With Inter-Resonator Coupling Structures to Higher-Order Fi..>619.5 KiB2015-Sep-15 20:25
Frequency Response Control in Frequency-Tunable Bandstop Filters_ Juseop Lee_ Eric J Naglich_ Wil..>197.5 KiB2015-Sep-15 20:03
Frequency and Bandwidth Tunable Bandstop Filter Containing Variable Coupling Between Transmission..>3.6 MiB2018-Apr-02 23:00
Frequency-tunable bandstop-bandpass dual-function microwave filter_ Kangho Lee_ Tae-Hak Lee_ Gyu ..>1.7 MiB2015-Sep-15 20:32
Half mode substrate integrated waveguide HMSIW loaded evanescent-mode bandpass filter_ L W Cross-..>868.1 KiB2015-Sep-14 17:35
High-Q Fully Reconfigurable Tunable Bandpass Filters_ H Joshi_ H H Sigmarsson_ S Moon_ D Peroulis..>1.6 MiB2015-Sep-15 15:23
High-Q Intrinsically-Switched Quasi-Absorptive Tunable Bandstop Filter With Electrically-Short Re..>1.0 MiB2015-Sep-15 15:39
High-Q Tunable Bandstop Filter with Adaptable Bandwidth and Pole Allocation_ Eric J Naglich_ Juse..>704.7 KiB2015-Sep-16 04:52
High-Q Tunable Microwave Cavity Resonators and Filters using SOI-based RF MEMS Tuners_ Xiaoguang ..>2.5 MiB2015-Sep-15 06:25
Highly Linear and Highly Efficient Dual-Carrier Power Amplifier Based on Low-Loss RF Carrier Comb..>2.4 MiB2015-Sep-16 05:44
Highly Loaded Evanescent Cavities for Widely Tunable High-Q Filters_ H Joshi_ H H Sigmarsson_ D P..>6.7 MiB2015-Sep-15 15:17
Intersecting Parallel-Plate Waveguide Loaded Cavities for Dual-Mode and Dual-Band Filters_ Eric J..>2.0 MiB2015-Sep-16 05:34
L-Band High-Q Tunable Quasi-Absorptive Bandstop-to-All-Pass Filter_ W Yang_ M D Hickle_ D Psychog..>440.2 KiB2018-Jul-11 21:13
Low Loss Tunable Filters in Substrate Integrated Waveguide_ S Sirci_ J D Martinez_ M Taroncher_ V..>4.9 MiB2015-Sep-15 06:36
Low-Loss Broadly-Tunable Cavity Filter Operating at UHF Frequencies_ D Scarbrough_ D Psychogiou_ ..>243.7 KiB2015-Sep-14 16:56
New Bandstop Filter Circuit Topology and Its Application to Design of aBandstop-to-Bandpass Switc..>1.6 MiB2015-Sep-16 05:27
Octave-Tunable Constant Absolute Bandwidth Bandstop Filter Utilizing a Novel Passively-Compensate..>436.6 KiB2018-Apr-12 15:03
Power Handling of Electrostatic MEMS Evanescent-Mode EVA Tunable Bandpass Filters_ Xiaoguang Liu_..>2.4 MiB2015-Sep-14 17:26
Reconfigurable Dual-Stopband Filters With Reduced Number of Couplings Between a Transmission Line..>519.9 KiB2015-Sep-15 20:43
Reconfigurable Evanscenent-mode Cavity Filters_ Indiana Microelectronics_ Eric E Hoppenjans_ 2011..>1.5 MiB2015-Sep-15 09:21
Simple Method of Mechanical Deformation by Pressure Dots_ Peens_ in Evanescent Cavity Filters_ US..>684.7 KiB2018-Jul-11 12:45
Substrate Integrated Evanescent-Mode Cavity Filter With a 3.5 to 1 Tuning Ratio_ Sungwook Moon_ H..>439.6 KiB2015-Sep-15 15:10
Substrate-Integrated Coaxial-Cavity Filter With Tunable Center Frequency and Reconfigurable Bandw..>982.7 KiB2015-Sep-14 17:24
Substrate-Integrated Octave-Tuing Combline Bandstop Filter with Surface Mount Varactors_ Akash An..>652.1 KiB2015-Sep-10 11:29
Switchless Tunable Bandstop-to-All-Pass Reconfigurable Filter_ Eric J Naglich_ Juseop Lee_ Dimitr..>1.5 MiB2015-Sep-15 15:32
Theory and Design of Octave Tunable Filters with Lumped Tuning Elements_ A Anand_ J Small_ D Pero..>2.5 MiB2015-Sep-11 02:18
Tunable Absorptive Bandstop Filter with an Ultra-Broad Upper Passband_ M D Hickle_ D Peroulis_ 20..>525.3 KiB2018-Apr-12 15:27
Tunable Bandstop Filter with a 17-to-1 Upper Passband_ Eric J Naglich_ Juseop Lee_ Dimitrios Pero..>2.3 MiB2015-Sep-11 20:42
Tunable Constant-Bandwidth Substrate-Integrated Bandstop Filters_ M D Hickle_ D Peroulis_ 2017.pdf6.6 MiB2018-Apr-12 15:11
Tunable Evanescent-Mode Cavity Filter_ H Joshi_ H H Sigmarsson_ D Peroulis_ W J Chappell_ X Liu_ ..>2.0 MiB2015-Sep-15 09:16
Tunable Evanescent-Mode Cavity Filter_ H Joshi_ H H Sigmarsson_ D Peroulis_ W J Chappell_ X Liu_ ..>666.6 KiB2015-Sep-15 17:55
Tunable Substrate Integrated High Q Filter Cascade for High Isolation_ Eric J Naglich_ Juseop Lee..>1.0 MiB2015-Sep-15 18:04
Tuned to Resonance_ Dimitrios Peroulis_ Eric Naglich_ Michael Sinani_ Mark Hickle_ 2014.pdf5.7 MiB2015-Sep-15 15:44
Waveguide Filters You Can Build and Tune_ Part 2_ Evanescent Mode Waveguide Filters_ Paul Wade W1..>2.8 MiB2015-Sep-15 08:43
Waveguide Filters You Can Build and Tune_ Part 3_ Evanescent Mode Waveguide Filters_ Paul Wade W1..>6.1 MiB2015-Sep-15 08:46
Widely Tunable High-Efficiency Power Amplier With Ultra-Narrow Instantaneous Bandwidth_ Kenle Che..>2.6 MiB2015-Sep-15 06:26