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Diagram_and_photo-crystal-interface.jpg85.7 KiB2011-Nov-01 15:10
Enhancement of the crystalline perfection of 001 directed KDP single crystal_ P Ramasamy_ P Rajes..>744.5 KiB2011-Jul-13 16:57
FGR-300_non-shorting_heating_rope_hundredsofwatts-120ac.pdf193.5 KiB2011-Nov-07 08:11
Growth Optical Mechanical Dielectric and Theoretical Studies on Potassium Pentaborate Tetrahydrat..>979.4 KiB2011-Aug-21 00:01
Growth of Potassium Pentaborate Tetrahydrate Single Crystals by Modified Sankaranarayanan-Ramasam..>979.4 KiB2011-Jul-13 16:52
Growth of Some Inorganic Organic and Semi-Organic Nonlinear Optical Crystals by Sankaranarayanan-..>6.2 MiB2011-Jul-13 16:48
Growth of TGS crystals using uniaxially solution-crystallization method of Sankaranarayanan-Ramas..>217.7 KiB2011-Jul-13 22:40
Mechanical and thermal studies of pure and KOH doped glycine phosphite single crystals_ Sankarana..>330.3 KiB2011-Aug-20 23:56
Mechanical properties of β-Alanine dopedGlycine phosphite single crystal grown by SR Method_ S S..>263.1 KiB2011-Aug-20 23:57
S-R_TGS_NOTMINE.jpg85.9 KiB2011-Nov-08 02:42
Studies on conventional and Sankaranarayanan-Ramasamy method grown ferroelectric glycine phosphit..>1.5 MiB2011-Jul-13 16:35
TGS_cleaving_and_polishing.jpg65.3 KiB2011-Nov-01 15:48
TGS_testing_mount_procedure.jpg153.1 KiB2011-Nov-01 15:52
Unidirectional growth of β-Alanine doped GPI Single Crystal and its Surface analysis using Etchi..>675.3 KiB2011-Aug-20 23:58
ringwaterheater.jpg58.5 KiB2011-Oct-25 20:43