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Who are we?

SAS is dedicated to helping everyday people find the limits of their own genius by developing their scientific skills and removing the roadblocks that prevent people without Ph.D. degrees from doing research. Our members include people with no technical training whatsoever, all the way to people with Ph.D.s in one field who want to explore areas outside their training. Our aim is to get everyone involved in stimulating projects on the front lines of science regardless of age, ethnicity or background.

We are the premiere support organization for amateur scientists. We define "amateur" to mean anyone who wants to do science simply for the love of it.

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What do we do?

We support amateurs working in nearly every field of scientific endeavor. Whether you are new to science, trying to create a winning science fair project, or want to do world-class research, we can help.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Receive Our Members-only Quarterly Newsletter-- The Amateur Scientists' Bulletin
  • Get Discounts on the Necessary Materials of Science: We've negotiated a great deal for SAS members only. Take 15 % off almost everything in the Fisher Scientific catalog, and receive free shipping! Get even larger discounts on chemical supplies: We can offer you these supplies, and more, and at a 20 % discount!
  • Discount on Subscriptions to Scientific American Magazine: Scientific American is the oldest magazine in the United States, and from 1928 to 2001 it was home to "The Amateur Scientist".
  • Go Behind-the-Scenes at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum: Through a special arrangement we've made with its curators, SAS members and their families can take free and very intimate behind-the-scenes tours of the greatest natural history museum in the world! See what only the scholars get to see. This unique opportunity is reserved exclusively for SAS members only.
  • Join in our International Science Projects: Gain hands-on experience and develop your own research skills in these professionally designed front-line research programs. Programs now include seismology, archaeology, astronomy and rocketry.
  • Get Mentor Assistance: For some projects we can arrange personal, one-on-one, expert advice from experienced scientists on conducting research and getting papers through the referee process. Expert Review: Have research papers reviewed by our experts before submitting them for publication.
  • Fellowship with Like-minded People: Meet other people in your area or on-line with the same interests.
  • Free Membership Card: As an SAS member, you'll receive a handsome membership card with your name, membership level and expiration date. On the back you'll find details about how to take full advantage of your membership benefits.

Contact us at:

The Society for Amateur Scientists
5600 Post Road, #114-341
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Phone: 1-401-823-7800

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