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National Instruments

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National Instruments Company and Job Information Since its inception in 1976, National Instruments has revolutionized the way engineers and scientists work by empowering them with the personal computer. National Instruments develops and manufactures hundreds of integrated software and hardware products, which, when combined with standard computers, are used to replace and/or communicate with traditional instrumentation and to monitor and control processes. As a leading computer-based measurement and automation supplier, National Instruments is dedicated to producing innovative solutions that help engineers and scientists achieve their goals -- faster, better, and well under budget.

Just as virtual instrumentation is revolutionizing industry, it also dramatically affects traditional academic research and teaching. A computer-automated laboratory makes researchers more productive and improves the way students learn. Rather than focusing on sometimes-tedious methods of gathering data, educators and students can focus on results and concepts. Students still learn methodology, but spend the majority of their time executing their experiments instead of building them.

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National Instruments Corporate Headquarters
National Instruments Corporation
11500 N Mopac Expwy
Austin, TX  78759-3504
(512) 794-0100

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