Metrowerks, A Motorola Company provides secondary schools, colleges and universities with a state of the art development environment for desktop and embedded systems platforms, handheld devices and game consoles.

Metrowerks most recently developed the CodeWarrior Learning Edition, specifically for programming beginners. CodeWarrior Learning Edition will make teaching - and learning - programming fundamentals easier with:

  • Simplified install process. CodeWarrior Learning Edition will require less time and a smaller memory footprint allowing programmers to get up and running quickly.
  • Simplified IDE. With a simplified Integrated Development Environment (IDE), programmers using the CodeWarrior Learning Edition can focus on writing code, not learning how to use the tools.
  • Simplified documentation. CodeWarrior Learning Edition will include easier to use, streamlined documentation developed specifically for the beginning programmer.

In addition to our new Learning Edition, Metrowerks now provides free, online supplemental courses in a variety of programming disciplines at : Metrowerks understands programmers need a variety of information and levels of course offerings that they can access easily and economically. CodeWarriorU.com is an important addition to the Metrowerks toolbox. The courses are free, self-paced, and can be accessed online 24x7. CodeWarriorU.com allows programmers to try their hand at new disciplines before committing extensive time and money to a university class.

When you have mastered the Learning Edition, Metrowerks can offer programmers the Professional Edition of CodeWarrior for Mac OS or Windows that provides the full professional-level development environment at deeply discounted prices for the academic community.

Special Offer! Learning Edition
($10 OFF regular price.)

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